Teachers and Parents

We have collected together some ideas for teachers and parents wanting to use Simon and Rosie with young children. This includes downloadable colouring sheets, and key questions linking the story to the KS1 PSHE Education National Curriculum. 

Please do email us your feedback, and any suggestions or inventions of your own!

Parents: Colouring Sheets

Teachers: Key Questions

Core theme 1: Health and Wellbeing

  • (H5, H6) What changes have people in the story made to try to be hygienic and stay
    healthy? Why have they done this? What else might they have done that is not
    shown in the pictures? Have you or your family had to do similar things recently
    because of COVID-19?
  • (H11, H12) What sorts of feelings does Simon have when Rosie does not come to see
    him any more? Have you ever felt like this? What can help make this better?
  • (H20) What changes for Simon during the story? How might he feel about these
  • (H21, H22) What does Simon think is special about Rosie? Why doesn’t Simon realise
    he is also special? What would you say to Simon about how he is special? What is
    unique about Simon?
  • (H26) How does Rosie grow and change during the story? What differences can you
    see? Have you noticed yourself growing or changing like this?
  • (H28) What new rules are people having to follow when they use the park, because
    of COVID-19? How will this help keep them safe?
  • (H29) What sorts of risks are people facing when they go to the park, because of
    COVID-19? What can they do to make it safer? Have you done any of these things

Core theme 2: Relationships

  • (R6) Do Simon and Rosie have a good friendship? How can you tell? What questions
    would you like to ask them about their friendship?
  • (R7) How can you tell that Simon feels lonely without Rosie? How would you try to
    help him?
  • (R11, 21) How do the pigeons treat Simon? How would this hurtful behaviour make
    Simon feel?
  • (R22) What would you say to the pigeons about their behaviour? How should they
    behave towards Simon in future?